Tutorial 3: making levelshots

The First thing you have to do to get a nice levelshot is this. Put you'r video settings at you'r computer's max it will probably lag know but thats not a problem. The Second thing that you have to do is get into your level. In Quake 3 bring the console down ~ and type this command /devmap mapname. Change mapname into your maps name and press enter. The map will now load. You still have the health numbers, gun and crosshair in your screenshot if you do it this way. Type these commands to remove them:

/cg_draw2d 0
/cg_drawgun 0

1 is on and 0 is off.

Search for a nice spot in your map. Now press F11 and Quake will make the screenshot. If you want a JPEG screenshot bind this /bind F11 "screenshotJPEG" Quit and go to your baseq3, in your baseq3 there is a map named screenshots go to that map and look at your screenshot. Give it the same name as your map. Put it into your .pk3 and you will have a nice levelshot.
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