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20 August 2003 - Updates!
I've did some updates at the textures, mods and misc pages. Map models are now on the site, check out the models page!
19 August 2003 - Tools!
I've uploaded two tools: a model importer and a model exporter for 3ds Max. Enjoy!
19 August 2003 - New project: Lanar04
I've stopt with the X-Ray project, maybe thats comming later but first I need to know how to make nice terrain models. But the new project is a small mars ctf map, named Lanar04: Supply Station. Look at the maps page for screenshots.
19 August 2003 - EvilCTF3: Phobos II the lost planet
EvilCTF3: Phobos II the lost planet is comming soon, its in the debug stage. Look for screenshots at the maps page. I've updated the tutorial page and tutorials comming up! Look at the tutorials for more info.
11 July 2003 - Turtorials, maps and artwork
I've uploaded some artwork, made some turtorials and uploaded some screenshots from X-Ray CTF
10 June 2003 - Links
I've changed the links site. It's only for Quake III and for some artwork.
9 June 2003 - Re-make of the site
I've changed some things in the site. Its now only a Quake III site, with some art work and movies (no link yet).
27 May 2003 - Deleted some sites
I've deleted the cs, avp, tribes and morrowind sites accept for the links.
24 May 2003 - Quake 3 files
I've added some trick jump demos and maps to the site. For more trick jump movies go to
17 May 2003 - New site
The new site is online, the old site is The art is comming soon. You can download files for Quake 3, Counter-Strike, Morrowind, Tribes 2 and Alien vs. Predator 2. There no files yet, but I'm working on it.
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